Taylor Swift swears off tattoos

Selena Gomez Talks ‘N Sync Reunion, Drake’s Cuteness & Bestie Taylor Swift’s F-Bomb—Watch!

(AP Photo) Related Designer found dead at guest house in Noida, cops hunt for man with her Singer Taylor Swift is said to be too scared of the tattoo needles and recently backed out of getting an inking. The singer and her best friend Ed Sheeran paid a visit to Toronto’s Lucky 13 Tattoo shop recently. Sources say Sheeran convinced Swift that it was high time she stopped inking her trademark “13” on her hand before every show with a Sharpie and and get it tattooed on for good, reported Showbizspy. “Taylor was literally shaking in her boots. She kept whining stuff like, ‘it’s going to hurt’, and ‘what if I don’t like it, what will I do?’,” a source said. Sheeran, who’s got “Red” tattooed on his arm in honour of Swift’s hit album, kept reassuring her, “I’ll be right there holding your hand… You’re gonna love it.” Finally caving, Swift was just about to get inked when a loud scream came from the next room. “What was that?,” she gasped. To which the tattoo artist said, “Oh, don’t worry! It’s a friend of mine getting his first tattoo but he’s a big baby!” Swift ran of the shop, saying “No way!”. Tags:

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Taylor Swift drops F-bomb on camera at VMAs… and?

News. “I had Taylor Swift , my cousin actually visited me, so it was good that I had her with me. It was cool that it was actually in New York because it’s never been in New York and to win it in New York was great so I was excited.” LOOK: Selena Gomez pulls a Miley and poses with her tongue out MTV And like most fan girls, the anticipated ‘N Sync reunion was one of her highlights of the night, along with Lady Gaga ‘s half-naked performance. “I mean, completely. I lost my mind,” she said about the boy band performing together again. “I also actually loved Lady Gaga’s performance, I thought it was very artsy, very cool. I was impressed, I loved it. I mean, obviously it’s her, though. She’s great.” Gomez, who sat next to her bestie T. Swift, was surrounded by plenty of eye candy, but there was one artist that particularly tickles her fancy. “I mean, Drake ‘s always nice to look at so that was nice. Other than that, I was just sitting with my cousin like, ‘When am I gonna be able to go to sleep because I’m exhausted!'” Did you hear that, Drizzy? But when it came to dishing on whether or not Swift really said, “Shut the f–k up,” to Selena while ex- Harry Styles and the guys of One Direction took the stage, the star played coy.

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Taylor Swift is accused of dropping an F-bomb at the VMAs while former beau Harry Styles was onstage presenting an award. Taylor is seen turning to Selena Gomez and mouthing what looks like, Shut the f*** up. Did Taylor throw the F-word towards the One Direction singer? Some fans are disputing this claim, saying that Taylor said, Sorry for my arm, according to TMZ . True, it does in fact look like Taylor is saying, Shut the F*** up, but the real answer is SO WHAT? Maybe she did, maybe she didnt. Have you never wanted to tell your ex to shut the F up? Sure, critics will say shes a celebrity and a role model and that this is a bad example, but I think we can all agree, there are worse role models than Taylor Swift, F word or no F word. And then theres the speech. After Taylor won an award for I Knew You Were Trouble, she thanked the person who inspired her to write it, which is rumored to be a few guys. Truth be told, whoever it’s about should have seen it coming. Its no secret that Taylor Swift is a vixen notorious for dating guys and then writing songs about them after they break up. Maybe it was a surprise the first time to Drew from Teardrops on My Guitar, but after that we kind of figured it out. Anyone who dates Taylor knows what he they’re getting into, and if anything its more publicity for him.

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