Prince William And Kate Move Into Palace Flat

Did Kate Middleton Switch Universities After Falling For Prince William? [VIDEO]

Tweet Kate and William with their son Prince George [GETTY] Apartment 1a, Princess Margarets home until her death in 2002, has been refurbished for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a cost of millions of pounds. The couple who returned to London at the start of last week after a short break at Balmoral with little George moved in with their 10-week-old son earlier this week following a year of renovations on the property. They have used their family funds and furniture, paintings and ornaments from the Royal Collection, which is held in trust for the nation by the sovereign, to decorate the four-storey apartment. External repairs and other refurbishments, including a modern kitchen and an environmentally-friendly heating and hot water system, have been paid for by the taxpayer. Halfway through the work, the bill had already reached 1.1million. In addition, an estimated 500,000 of security measures have been installed in and around the apartment, including an air lock double door to deter intruders, an advanced CCTV system, pop-up bollards and spiked railings. Kate will undertaker her first solo engagement since the birth of George this month [GETTY] William and Kate are due to return to official royal duties soon The couple, whose London home until now was a cramped two-room cottage at Kensington Palace, are also overseeing work at Anmer Hall, the 10-bedroom house on the Queens Sandringham estate in Norfolk which will be their future country home. William and Kate, both 31, are due to return to official royal duties soon. Kate, who will appear in public occasionally during her maternity leave, is to undertake her first solo royal engagement since Georges birth on October 18 when she will join Olympic and Paralympic athletes playing sports with young athletes in Londons Olympic Park. William, who left his job as an RAF search and rescue pilot last month, is planning a series of royal engagements mixed with longer-term projects and placements with charities and public bodies. Its going to be an extremely busy 12 months, a senior aide said.

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In Kate: The Future Queen, Nicholl, throws a new light on the love story claiming it might not have been such a coincidence that the couple met. Speaking to EntertainmentWise the royal editor for the Daily Mail had admitted it had been the most shocking revelation she’d made when delving into the brunette’s past. “Probably the greatest and most surprising revelation was that she’d actually met Prince William while she was at school. She was at Marlborough, he was at Eton and they’d met when they were at Sixth Form through some mutual friends,” she revealed. Kate Middleton at her graduation from St Andrews in 2005 (WENN) “Through mutal friends Kate met William and that really put a new light on the situation because before then I’d thought they’d met at St Andrews, but they hadn’t, they’d met at school.” She went on: “Then I’d discovered the very stunning revelation that she’d changed her university choice, she was meant to go to Edinburgh to study the history of art and she’s changed to go to St Andrews when it was made public Prince William was going to go there to study the same course.” But did Kate change her mind just to pursue the future king? Katie admitted it would be inevitable that William, who at the time was the most eligible bachelor on the planet, would leave an impression on the teenage Kate. “I don’t know what an impression he’d left,” she said, “I can only imagine that as a 17 year-old school girl, that she must have had some sort of feeling towards him. You couldn’t be that young and impressionable and not be charmed by Prince William.” But admitting we’ll probably never know the reason behind Kate’s change of heart she went on: “The only person who knows why she changed her mind was Kate, but we know that she changed her mind and we know that she changed her mind having met William. “So was the seed sown? Was there something planted that perhaps incentivised her to change her mind and change her university?” Kate and William kiss at their 2011 Royal Wedding (Splash News/SteveFinn) Claiming the decision was out of character for the sensible Kate, she revealed those who knew her the best had been surprised by it. “The teachers I spoke to for the book and the friends I spoke to all said that it was very out of character. Usually Kate made her mind up and stuck to her decision, it was very rare for her to have a U-turn or a change of heart,” she added. Well whatever made Kate change her mind, it was clearly the right decision as not only did she fall in love with William the couple stayed together for over a decade and finally got married in 2011, welcoming son George this year.

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