Jessica Alba Gets A Frisky Pat Down From The Tsa!

10/07/2013 3:10 PM ET | Filed under: Jessica Alba Travel GIFs This TSA agent will hands down all over agree, this was her best pat down ever! Frame those gloves, gurl! They touched seksi incarnate! Jessica Alba got a very hands on experience at the TSA checkpoint yesterday as she was traveling at LAX! Of course, pat downs are used whenever someone opts out of the body image scan or when there’s an alarm at a checkpoint. In this case, that would be the standard “OMG IT’S JESSICA ALBA!” alarm! Then again, perhaps Jessica felt uncomfortable with the body image scan. You never know if someone would secretly wanna publish those photos/ogle forever at her perfect skeletal structure! We bet the TSA was like “please remove all shoes, but why stop there?” as they clutched their copies of Sin City! That or they insisted that “everyone place all lap dancesuh, laptops into the bin! Uh, yeah, laptops.” [Image via GVK/ BauerGriffinOnline .]

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Daughter Honor is my mini me: Jessica Alba

“For sure I see a mini me. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Honor is like me grown up. It”s so bizarre,” Alba told People magazine. In addition to Alba”s busy acting career, the “Sin City” actress is also the founder of The Honest Company, which makes stylish, eco-friendly products for kids and families. Alba, 32, admits that Honor and younger daughter Haven, 2, are longtime guinea pigs for the company. “Oh my god, yes,” she replied when asked whether the girls still test out new products at home. “Honor loves to clean the counter with our multi-surface cleaner ”cause it smells like grapefruit, and Haven loves to wash her hands. So we now have three different scents, so she”s always trying to wash her hands. I”m like, ”All right, enough washing the hands,” Alba added. Despite juggling multiple duties as an actress, entrepreneur, mother and wife to Cash Warren, Alba says she makes sure to carve out time to show Honor the importance of giving back.

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