Reese Witherspoon Goes Into The Wild As She Sports Muddy Backpack On Location In Oregon For New Film

Serious stuff: Reese, 37, plays a 26-year-old who sets off on this unique journey following a failed marriage and the death of her mother

The 37-year-old actress was buff and strong on Tuesday as she filmed scenes for her new movie Wild, which follows a woman who sets out alone on a 1,100-mile trek following a personal catastrophe. Reese’s legs were muscular thanks to daily workouts at the gym, and she was dressed in athletic shorts, a loosely fitted T-shirt, and hiking boots with rugged track soles. Geared up: Reese Witherspoon strapped on her heavy pack and set off hiking on the Portland, Oregon set of her new film Wild on Tuesday Reese’s disheveled appearance was quite a change from her glamourous turn at the Elle Women In Hollywood Celebration in Beverly Hills on Monday night. At that prestigious event, she wowed the crowd in an strapless orange number and ankle-strap high heels. Less than 24 hours later, Reese was on the trail, with her shoulder-length blonde hair hanging straight to her shoulders and helping to hide the perspiration. Close to the heart: The actress plays Cheryl Strayed, the woman who embarked on a 1,100 mile hike as a way to recover from recent trauma; Reese is also a producer on the film She can handle it: Thanks to those grueling workouts at the gym, Reese was able to carry the extra weight on her back Just getting started: The film began shooting in Oregon last week Reese made it realistic enough on location in Portland, Oregon, adjusting the harness and bending forward slightly to balance the apparent weight of the variously sized sacks and rolled up blankets. Needless to say, this is probably one of Reese’s most demanding roles yet. On Friday, Reese delighted in sharing on WhoSay the first picture of herself in character as Cheryl Strayed, upon whose memoir, Wild: A Journey From Lost To Found, the movie is based. Strayed posted the same picture to her own Twitter account and wrote, The first photo of Reese Witherspoon as me in 1995! Crazy beautiful amazing to see this. @RWitherspoon. The movie started filming last week in Oregon. Getting a grip: Reese practiced walking around the set with the pack on her back even when the cameras weren’t rolling Serious stuff: Reese, 37, plays a 26-year-old who sets off on this unique journey following a failed marriage and the death of her mother Co-producer Reese read the manuscript and bought the film rights before the book was even published and enlisted British author Nick Hornby to pen the script. Jean-Marc Vallee is directing the movie, which is slated for a 2014 release.

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Reese Witherspoon arrested; husband booked on DUI

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