Kanye West Rants About Chicago Forcing Michael Jordan To Play For The Wizards, Is Also Very Wrong (video)

Kanye West, in a NSFW and auto-tuned rant from Wednesday, decided to fall back on the easy conceit that Chicago Bulls ownership somehow made it so Michael Jordan had to play for the Wizards. Despite things being much more nuanced and deeper and not stupidly simple than that hook. Heres a clip from the show: As with a lot of things related to Mr. West, this rant was more than a little misguided. Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and former general manager Jerry Krause had the right intentions heading into 1997-98 tie up the Bulls dynasty with a bow and one final championship, then use cap space and sign-and-traded former Bulls (Scottie Pippen, or the Luc Longley sign-and-trade that netted Chicago the draft pick used on Ron Artest) and a losing record and eventual lottery picks to rebuild. Its a plan that is being copied to this day, for the right reasons. The problem was execution, post-Jordans retirement, and the ham-fisted way the organization led up to the breakup of the champs. Reinsdorf and Krause especially made life so untenable for Jordan (despite the $31 million contract he enjoyed in his final year as a player), Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen that they all wanted out heading into the 1997-98 season. To varying degrees, of course Jordan had misgivings but his competitive zeal (and that contract, and the chance to top Magic Johnson in total NBA championships) brought him back. An injured Pippen issued a trade demand just a month into the 1997-98 season, though, and Jackson was quick to beat everyone to the punch to trump up his teams Last Waltz after signing a one-year deal. The combination of elements, along with a massive 1998 (which then was moved to 1999) free agent class and the NBA lockout that knocked the league out of business until January of 1999 all seemed to tie things up quite neatly. Jordan, somewhat bowing to what seemed predestined, announced his retirement soon after the NBA lockout ended, citing timing, his willingness to try new things, and (seriously) a badly mangled right index finger that he slashed while using a cigar cutter. Nearly a year later, an anxious Jordan joined the Washington Wizards as a team president, while purchasing a small percentage of the team. Just two years into the formation of his own brand with Nike, he didnt have the capital to take over as full owner. This is where Kanye, as is his custom, goes daffy.

how much is yours worth http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/kanye-west-rants-chicago-forcing-michael-jordan-play-201232092–nba.html


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