Taylor Swift Denies Dating Evan Spiegel – Snapchat Co-founder And Ceo – Update!

Taylor Swift and a mystery man scout for a place to live in downtown New York

Couple Savannah Brinson and LeBron James brave the New York City chill.

Sources tell Lainey that Taylors been spending time with Evan, which Im guessing means that theyre testing the waters before full-on dating. Spiegel was recently on the cover of Forbes magazine in their 30 Under 30 feature, where they profile under-30s that are game changers in their field. Obviously, at the young, young age of 23, Spiegel made that list. Either way, Taylor and Evan were reportedly together at a party during the holidays, and there was some mutual interest being shown there. Although nothings confirmed, the sources claim that Taylor and Evan are definitely seeing each other for now, although its more casual than anything else. How long before this turns into something serious? As we know, Taylor Swift does not do casual relationships , as evidenced by her string of failed romances. And Evan better get ready to join that list, and take the risk of being sung about in a single that ends up dominating the charts for weeks. But hey, maybe this is the one who lasts? Just kidding. Theyre both very young, and actually, kudos to Taylor for finding someone her age instead of someone barely on the cusp of adulthood. Evan Spiegel is definitely a catch, and itll be interesting to see how this relationship will hold up when one half of the couple seems significantly more well rounded than the other. What do they even have in common? Their piles and piles of cash? What do you guys think about Taylor dating Evan Spiegel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Did Taylor Swift and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Totally Make Out?

(ABOVE ARTIST’S RENDERING BASED ON INTERNET CLUES/CONJECTURE) Update: Swift’s publicist says Taylor was indeed at Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve party, but denies any involvement between her and Evan. Talk about a “Picture to Burn,” right?! We’ve heard it from startup people, we’ve heard it from journalists, and now we’ve heard it from a certifiable celeb gossip sleaze site : I’m told that Taylor was at a party with Spiegel over the holidays and it was understood that they were checking each other. Nothing overt but my sources say there’s no doubt she was there with him and for him and that they’re seeing each other casuallyso far. She knows how to pick them at exactly the right time, non? I like this about her. This is definitely not a backup dancer situation. This could explain why Spiegel has been so preoccupied latelywho can care about security breaches when you’ve made lip-contact with the meanest hot girl in 7th grade? We’ve always heard Spiegel wants to slip his ephemerality boner to Kate Upton, his girlfriend’s bestieand speaking of that girlfriend, what will Lucinda Aragon think of all this? Ideally, the kiss between Swift and the baddest boy in Silicon Beach really happened, resulting in an event horizon of horror and shitty-personality-rage that sucks everyone involved into a vortex. So, congratulations to Startuplandia: you’ve crossed over into moronic hookup rumor territory, a definitive sign of mainstream acceptance and loathing. But beware, Swift: you’ve allegedly paired off with a guy who is even better at back-stabbing than you. Have you heard anything about this godawful thing?

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Homeland Season 3 Episode 3 “Tower Of David” Sneak Peek Video & Spoilers

As the crowd grew anxious, the Jazz at Lincoln Center All Stars house band went to work, delivering an impromptu jam session. Were going to play a few songs for you, and were going to make sure the bar stays open, promised a quick-thinking bandleader. Singer Fantasia and her castmates could be seen dancing in the wings as the All Stars played Duke Ellington hits Take the A Train and Jumpin at the Woodside. Finally, the leak was fixed and the show went on. Everyone handled the situation as efficiently as possible, and we managed to get the audience out in time to get home before midnight, quipped a theater staffer. Graham Denholm/Getty Images Must be jet lag: The Williams sisters (Serena, center, and Venus) tackle the wrong sport in Melbourne. CRICKET BATTY In case you forgot what powerful athletes the Williams sisters are, the tennis stars decided to show off their skills at cricket atop the Olsen Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday. Venus, dressed in a pretty print dress, and younger sister Serena, wearing a supershort denim jumper, gamely grabbed cricket bats and gloves and sent balls soaring above the city. NO CAROLE-ING AT BEAUTIFUL DEBUT Royalty from pop and Broadway, including Phil Collins, Sting, Nathan Lane and Bernadette Peters have RSVPd yes for the premiere on Sunday of Beautiful The Carole King Musical. But we hear King remains steadfast in her decision to stay, well, so far away from the show. Lets hope King sends a note to grandson Dillon Kondor, a seasoned musician who plays guitar in the orchestra pit. 247PapsTV/Splash News Couple Savannah Brinson and LeBron James brave the New York City chill. TURNING UP THE HEAT If only theyd brought some actual warmth. Miami Heat players LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade partied at Lower East Side hot spot The General on Wednesday night for teammate Michael Beasleys birthday. While Bosh and James brought their beautiful wives along, Wade didnt have fiancee Gabrielle Union by his side. Union is now doing press for her new BET show, Being Mary Jane. Doug Meszler/Splash News Katie Holmes beckons with her nude glow campaign. HOLMES AD GOES NUDE Katie Holmes or Kris Jenner? Holmes appears in a new ad campaign for her friend Bobbi Brown, and the most recent shot has Holmes with her hair up, bearing a striking resemblance to the Kardashian family matriarch.

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