Anne Hathaway Helped By Hawaiian Surfer After Riptide Catches Swimming Star

A local surfer heard her cries for help, racing out and taking her back to shore. By Nancy Dillon / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, January 9, 2014, 7:08 PM Comment Bruce/CPR/Poseidon/FAMEFLYNET PI While ‘Les Miserables’ Academy Award-winner Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, were on vacation in Hawaii, their day at the beach was interrupted when the actress got caught up in a riptide and hurt her foot. Actress Anne Hathaway reportedly had some drama in the drink while vacationing in Hawaii. The “Devil Wears Prada” star got caught in a powerful riptide while swimming off the coast of Oahu on Wednesday and began crying out for help, reported. PHOTOS: CELEBRITY BEACH BODIES Bruce/CPR/Poseidon/FAMEFLYNET PI It might have seemed alarming to onlookers, but Anne Hathaway’s swim off Oahu had a happy ending after a surfer heard her cries and went out to help when she got caught in a riptide. A local surfer heard her screams and raced out to help her, escorting her safely back to shore, TMZ said. At some point during the incident, the 31-year-old screen actress injured her foot, leading to some unusual medical attention from willing hubby Adam Shulman . RELATED: ANNE HATHAWAY TAKES SPIN IN BMW I3 ELECTRIC CAR LMNO/AKM-GSI Anne Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman, patched up the actress’ foot after she hurt it while swimming amidst a powerful riptide in Hawaii. Shulman was photographed sucking her toe clean and applying dressing from a small medical kit. The happy couple later smiled for the cameras as the posed on the beach with fans. Bruce/CPR/Poseidon/FAMEFLYNET After Wednesday’s minor drama on a Hawaiian beach, Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman were all smiles for fans and their cameras.

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Help! Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman mobbed at LAX airport as their holiday in Hawaii comes to an end

Fans just can’t get enough of Anne Hathaway! The “Les Miersables” star and her husband, Adam Shulman, were surprised when fans went haywire over the couple at LAX airport on Tuesday Jan. 14, Us Weekly reported. The couple, returning from their Hawaiian getaway, couldn’t hide from the crowd and was quickly bombarded by fans snapping photos and asking for photographs as they walked through the airport with minimal security. The 31-year-old Oscar winner, sporting a stripped outfit matching her husband, initially looked flustered by all the attention, but eventually eased up and signed a few autographs. Though Hathaway has been in the limelight for a while now, the actress has apparently never gotten used to swarms of people taking pictures of her in public areas. In late December, the “Devil Wears Prada” star was in an overwhelming situation with a paparazzi while she was walking her dog. As we previously reported , Hathaway was taking her dog Esmeralda for a post-Christmas stroll and was apparently aggravated by a man following her with a camera the entire time on Dec. 26. In an effort to get the paparazzo off her back, Hathaway pulled a move none of us would have ever suspected from the usually candid and sweet “The Dark Knight Rises” star. After stopping to let her chocolate Labrador relieve herself, Hathaway cleaned up after her dog and proceeded to leave the yellow plastic bag full of dog poop on the windshield of the paparazzo’s car and happily continued to walk Esmerelda. Luckily for fans, Hathaway handles overwhelming situations with them a little nicer. Though the actress isn’t contending for an Oscar during this year’s award season, Hathaway made it back to LA just in time for her newest project. “Interstellar” is set to hit theaters in November 2014. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE THE LATEST NEWS FROM FASHION&STYLE 2014 Fashion & All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. Jan 17, 2014 02:59 PM EST By Janice Williams , Fashion & Style Reporter Related News Beyonce to Anne Hathaway: ‘Your Movies Make Me Cry!’ Superstar Singer Runs Into Actress at Vegan Cafe, ‘And I Love Your Music!’ Want more Fashion&Style?

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Anne Hathaway Bombarded By Fans At LAX Airport, ‘Les Miserables’ Actress Gears Up For New Film ‘Interstellar’ With Matthew McConaughey

The loved-up couple, who had just returned from a holiday in Hawaii, were mobbed by hoardes of fans when they walked through at LAX airport on Tuesday. Despite looking a little terrified, Hathaway did her best to sign as many autographs as she could for her eager well-wishers. This is not good! Anne Hathaway looked terrified as she was mobbed by fans at LAX airport on Tuesday SOS! The star and her husband Adam Shulman had just returned from a sunshine break in Hawaii The Les Miserables star looked slim and trim in a pretty micro-mini skirt which she wore with a striped jumper thrown over the top. TOWIE’s Dan Osborne shows off his baby son Teddy for the first time… as he reveals he missed the birth by 30 minutes She gave her look a casual twist by throwing on a pair of flat pumps and a brown leather crossover body bag. Her husband of one year, held Anne’s hand protectively as he hurried her out of the airport as quickly as possible, while they were tailed by lots of people. Now she’s smiling: After the initial shock, Anne’s demeanour relaxed a little Getting used to it: The star soon relaxed and smiled at her well-wishers Doing her bit: The Les Mis star signed as many autographs as she could as she made her way out of the airport So kind: The star tried to make her way into the lift while kindly waving to all the people who gathered round to catch a glimpse of their idol At one point, Anne clutched her hands to her face in horror as people approached her and asked her to sign photos – with one fan even presenting a toy catwoman for the star to scribble on. The couple had a pretty eventful time away and poor Anne was nearly swept out to sea while vacationing in Oahu. The 31-year-old got caught up in a riptide, and while her husband, Adam Shulman, lay out of earshot on the beach, a fast-acting surfer came to her rescue. Rocking it! Anne looked stunning in her little skirt which had a cute butterfly print on it Supporting role: Anne’s husband waited patiently out of the spotlight for his lady to do her thing Assitance please: A member of security helped Anne to wheel her luggage safely out of the airport She scraped her foot on a reef during the incident and her doting man proceeded to clean her cut left toe by sucking on it. The pair were married in September 2012 after three years of dating. Hathaway recently completed work on a string of projects including Song One, in which she portrays an archaeologist who finds romance with a musician.

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Anne Hathaway Goes For Outing With Hubby In West Hollywood

Anne Hathaway Goes For Outing With Hubby In West Hollywood 1

They spotted walking side-by-side with their arms wrapped around each other. The 31 year old actress stepped out with Adam Shulman for some shopping and outing. They was seen strolling on the streets of West Hollywood, California. They seemed having wonderful time together. They took breakfast at a local restaurant and then the pair went for lunch at Hugos restaurant. They caught in camera while leaving the restaurant. The Dark Knight Rises starlet wore a black beanie teamed with a white tank top under a black blazer. She kept it cosy by wrapping up in a chunky black and white gingham scarf. She also used black ankle boots and a pair of red sunglasses. Gallery

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