Brad Pitt Reunites With Angelina Jolie In Australia After Attending Producers Guild Awards

Brad Pitt

The celeb topped off the look with a pair of ultra-cool aviator shades. PHOTOS: Brad Pitt isn’t the only one. Check out more Hollywood hunks with wacky haircuts! Prior to heading down to Australia, Pitt accompanied some of his famous peers at the Producers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The 50-year-old star, who can pull off any look, made sure to tell E! News that his talked-about haircut is “for a part,” adding, “It’s not a choice!” When he’s not explaining his cut, Brad gushed about his 12 Years a Slave costar (and now SAG award winner) Lupita Nyong’o , who gave Pitt a shout-out in her acceptance speech last night after winning for Outstanding Supporting Actress. “She’s very special,” Pitt told us. “Very special young lady. We’re going to see great things from her.” As for the awards season success of the Steve McQueen-helmed film, Pitt dished, “It’s great. It also ensures that more people are going to see it. And in my mind this is a film that only comes along once in a decade and everyone should see this. It’s that good. It’s moving, it’s inspirational.

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Sundance Day 6: What Are Katie Couric, Angelina Jolie and Kurt Russell Doing Here? ‘Celebrity Branding’ of Films

Sundance Day 6: What Are Katie Couric, Angelina Jolie and Kurt Russell Doing Here? ‘Celebrity Branding’ of Films

A big name is necessary for a movie to get noticed at a festival ostensibly devoted to the little guy or to get made in the first place. It also helps the festival lure star power when many of the years biggest independent movies are screening elsewhere. The publicity team for Difret, which Jolie executive produced, sent out a statement from the actress on the eve of the festival announcing her involvement.She could not attend the festival, but the hope was her imprimatur would be enough to elicit some attention. This film is a strong moment for art in Ethiopia, Jolie said. It is inspiring to see such an important story so beautifully illustrated with such creative talent. It draws out the richness of Ethiopian culture and shows how important legal advances can be made while respecting local culture. Also read: Sundance Video: John Lithgow, Marisa Tomei, Ira Sachs Discuss Politics of Gay Marriage in Film Couric was on the stump in Park City promoting Fed Up, a documentary about childhood obesity she both produced and narrated. She sat for interviews and walked the halls of screenings. Her presence was propitious for the movie, but also for her own career, just weeks after she took over as Yahoos new global anchor. Russell was here in a similar capacity, as producer and interview subject in Battered Basterds of Baseball, which his nephews directed. His daughter Kate Hudson and son Lance Russell both had movies here as well. Martin Scorsese and Terrence Malick, two press-shy filmmakers who produced movies at the festival, were nowhere to be found. If the presence of famous producers is a sign of the changes at Sundance, the actors-turned-directors is a continued reminder of the state of the independent film industry. As manager Peter Principato told TheWrap in our How to Improve Hollywood series, more and more actors must turn to writing, directing and producing in order to get passion projects made. Generating movies on your own is more important than ever.

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