Jennifer Lawrence And The History Of Cool Girls

Who Will Fall at This Year’s Academy Awards? Here Are the Betting Odds on Jennifer Lawrence and Other Oscar Attendees

Amy Adams, BAFTA Film Awards 2014

Or maybe it was the ease with which she regaled Conan OBrien with a tale of butt plugs, or the Vine of her spilling mints in the middle of press conference? My personal moment happened backstage at the Oscars, when, with the help of a mildly lecherous Jack Nicholson, she turned the normally banal post-win interview into a master class in charm. He sneaks up on her, she freaks and fangirls out, they do some weird flirting, and when Nicholson leaves, Lawrence just loses it: OH MY GOD, she gasps, her face in her hands. And there it was, my moment: I loved her. I had admired her acting years before, in Winters Bone, but this was something different. From that point forward, I was powerless before her charm. But what made that exact moment and others like it so effective? Stars are charming all the time. Anne Hathaway, who also won an Oscar that night for Best Supporting Actress, is a veritable charm machine. But thats just it: Hathaway seems like a very talented, very well-programmed machine, while Lawrence seems like a weird, idiosyncratic, charismatic human. Shes never polished; shes always fucking up.

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Jennifer Lawrence too hot? What Oscar suspense?

Lawrence, a supporting actress nominee for her role in "American Hustle,"  gleamed on the Screen Actors Guild  Awards red carpet wearing a Dior column dress with multicolored sequins.

Both supporting actress Lawrence and lead actress Adams are Oscar nominees Sunday. Lawrence may supply the most suspense, because despite reports of close races, earlier awards suggest heavy favorites in top categories. An Oscar telecast low on suspense won’t help host Ellen DeGeneres or her producers. (The show starts at 8:30 p.m. Sunday on ABC.) Surprises bolster live television, but victories are almost certain for lead actor Matthew McConaughey and supporting actor Jared Leto of “Dallas Buyers Club.” Ditto lead actress Cate Blanchett of “Blue Jasmine.” Pictures: Orlando Craft Beer Festival Despite reports of a tight best-picture race, “12 Years a Slave” seems destined to win because Oscar voters usually pick the most serious movie. The slavery drama is more devastating than the technological wonders of “Gravity” or the free-wheeling comedy of “American Hustle.” “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuaron is likely to reach the podium, and his film will clean up in technical categories. “Frozen” is a shoo-in as animated feature, and its song “Let It Go” is a lock as well. Even Bono, a fellow nominee in the song category, acknowledges that. So that leaves supporting actress as the most competitive category. Either Lawrence or Lupita Nyong’o (“12 Years a Slave”) will collect the statuette. Nyong’o was excellent in her film and has emerged as a red-carpet favorite for her fashion savvy. But Lawrence had the showier role, and Oscar voters gravitate to the biggest performances. Watching the stars may provide the most entertainment, and they will range from Sidney Poitier, Kim Novak and Harrison Ford to Will Smith , Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt . You’ll also see Bill Murray , John Travolta , Sally Field , Goldie Hawn , Glenn Close , Whoopi Goldberg , Jim Carrey , Bradley Cooper , Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Which increases Anne’s odds. But she appears so…steadfast in her effort to be perfect that she will not fall. She will not allow it. (Devil’s advocate: The sheer will power of the Hathahaters just knocks her over. It’s a toss up.) Jennifer Lawrence: Falling Precedent: She was the aforementioned actress who fell at least year’s Academy Awards while walking up the stairs to the stage. Chances of Falling: Who knows?? It seems unlikely that she would fall two years in a row, but then again, it’s Jennifer Lawrence. Leonardo DiCaprio: Falling Precedent: None on record. Chances of Falling: 1:25. It doesn’t seem like he would be the type to fall, does it? Then again, that sounds likeexactlysomething that would happen to Leonardo DiCaprio. If anything falls, it will be Leo’s face if (or when) he loses Best Actor. Bah-dum ching. Dave Allocca/; Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP; Jason Merritt/Getty Images Angelina Jolie: Falling Precedent: None on record.Chances of Falling: 1:10. Angie has been practicing not falling at Oscar rehearsals, which seems like the easiest way to jinx yourself into falling.

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