Kate Middleton Vs. Cressida Bonas: See How The Duchess And Potential Princess Compare!

Kate Middleton Has Hired a “Spanish Supernanny”

M Neilson/Getty Images; MK/Splash News Meet-Cute With a Prince: Kate got Prince William’s attention in a 2002 St. Andrews University fashion show, modeling in a revealing ensemble to benefit charity. Cressy, however, was introduced to Harry by BFF Princess Eugenie. Clearly, both left lasting impressions on the Windsor boys. PHOTOS: Prince William vs. Prince Harry, who’s hotter?! Bradley Page- WPA Pool/Getty Images; FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Fashion Face-Off: Kate’s sense of style is polished and timeless, and it’s becoming increasingly timeless since she married into the royal family. Cress, who has been dubbed the anti-Kate in certain circles, is known for her eclectic wardrobe, but she’s always dressed classily and tastefully, too. She’s yet to tackle a black-tie royal function, so we’ve mostly seen her casual ensembles (scrunchies, FTW). She appears to be a bigger fan of bright colors and taking risks than the duchess, but she always pulls her looks together in that boho-princess kinda way. Both Kate and Cressy are happy to recycle their clothes, and brunette vs. blond debates aside, these women have incredible hair!

find out here http://www.eonline.com/news/519551/kate-middleton-vs-cressida-bonas-see-how-the-duchess-and-potential-princess-compare

Kate Middleton, Cressida Bonas

Kate and William have hired a nanny for Prince George. While the name of this lucky woman (who now has a better chance of pretty much anyone else on the planet of getting to, like, watch The Bachelor with Kate, or borrow Kate’s jewelry for “wacky” selfies) is still not known, we do now have more details. She’s Spanish (and has been dubbed a “Spanish supernanny” by the British press), she’s in her mid-30s, and she has more than 20 years of experience. SEE MORE: Kate Middleton Hates the $1 Million Renovation to Her Home Ms. Supernanny has “worked for other prominent high-society families” for two decades, and that is how Kate and William became aware of her. It is believed that she will not begin her tenure until Kate and William return from their (somewhat controversial) Maldives vacation, as Prince George is currently being looked after by Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton. SEE MORE: The All-Time Greatest Movies About Love According to the Daily Mail, the nanny “is not married and doesn’t have a boyfriend as her life is totally dedicated to the family she is working with,” and she is “known for being totally professional-married to the job.” This is as textbook as romantic-comedy setups get. If they don’t get a movie into production by the end of the year with Paz Vega as the nanny (Jude Law as Prince William and, obviously, Meryl Streep as Kate), we will be severely disappointed. Imagine the tagline possibilities: – She was taking care of Prince George, but who was taking care of her? – She may have been a supernanny, but would she ever find her superman(. . . ny)?

click here for more info http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/kate-middleton-hired-spanish-supernanny-171900876.html


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